Monday, July 19, 2010

Limitless Dance of Transformation

After a much-needed retreat from the exterior environment, again I re-emerge from the warmth and safety of my self-made cocoon. It's a familiar event, re-entry. It's almost funny that I once believed with certainty, that when the goal of mastery is achieved, that in fact is the pinnacle of the experience. Little did I know, that is actually the new beginning of a fresh path of growth and evolution.

At this point in my life, in what I embrace as my Fabulous Forties, I embrace what feels like a marathon dance-a-thon of transformation. Just when I think my peace, beauty and level of prosperity quotient is maxed out, the call to retreat becomes strong, overwhelmingly so, I cocoon, then again emerge as an even more expanded creature than the previous, than I ever imagined possible...and still feeling as if more is yet to come. Here's to enjoying the dance...