Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Back to the Basics

Just getting back into cyberspace after my computer crashed Saturday. Santa was sweet and brought me a netbook. Everybody ready for 2010?

Mercury went retrograde on December 26th. Mercury is the planet that rules communication, technology and slowing down all processes for review. It can cause computer malfunctions and general miscommunication. Be extra prudent to recheck all email, text and tones of conversations. Also, any plans you want to move forward will require checking and revision as this time shows us the need to break everything down to the basics and to be open to taking the time to open up to new (and often unexpected) information and input.

I'm taking some time to meditate, cleanse and pray on what I want to see happen in my life over the coming twelve months. We're having a small get-together for New Years Eve to ring in 2010 safely with a small group of close pals. Looking forward to the adventure the Universe has planned for me.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Meditation as Medication

Over the last few years, I have had so many women drawn to my "Joie de Vivre." I'd love to believe that's because of my overall general fabulousness. Then I come back down to Earth and remember...I'm really not that fab. When I look in the mirror, I see a 40-something lady, trying to remember to put herself on the list. I'm a wife and a mom and whatever else I can manage to squeeze in between. Positive and warm and a "girl's girl." That's me. Funny how we can so easily forget the tough times, once on the other side of them.

Truth is, ten years ago, I was in the throes of a very deep depression. I had two beautiful toddlers, a lovely home and a very nice (but emotionally clueless) husband. Having cut off most of my city-life female friendships for a quiet existence in the suburbs, I had also cut off my lifeline to the very women that wanted to support me. Apparently I had always had a mild underlying undiagnosed case of depression. But once I had two babies within 18 months, the postpartum kicked in, and I didn't know what to do. Nobody from my family or the old neighborhood (union and steel mill kinda folks) EVER spoke of being depressed. Everyone worked hard and pushed through whatever adversity came their way.

The only relationship I never lost was my close walk with God. I would pray constantly, all day, in my head and out loud. Pleading for relief and answers. I guess I thought He would produce a Burning Bush in my foyer, or a lightning bolt through the ever-present Southern California sunshine. But instead, he led me to meditation. It was a soft whisper, not a thunder clap. It literally saved my life and brought me to a path where my life would unfold in miraculous and unexpected ways.

If you want to get started meditating, I can recommend a few sources. Marina Spence has a program called It's Easy to Meditate. Kelly Howell at Brain Sync also has helped me tremendously. Also, meditation is not necessarily a "religious" practice. It's about getting quiet and seeking that source of stillness inside that has all your answers without the loaded input of those around you.

So when women stare at me at Walmart and Target...desperately looking for a way to start a conversation, I smile and acknowledge them. They ask, how do you have so much energy and look so vibrant. I simply respond "prayer and meditation." Hoakie? Maybe. But the honest to goodness truth is that inner peace and feeling of being fulfilled comes from the inside out. Meditation is the "superpill" that the pharmaceutical companies will never be able to reproduce.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Faith Trumps Fear

This has been one the most exhilarating, exhausting and emotional weeks of my life. Family coming in from out of town, tweens with emotional and hormonal spikes, report cards, work, bills, opportunity, the unknown, fresh starts and tearful endings. Man, it's like living on the Lifetime Network. I feel like I am actually the sappy movie of the week. I felt badly when I logged in to see Jon and Kate have finalized their divorce, California jobs are shrinking and yet the rate of prisoners on death row continues to increase. On the other hand, the local ballet company is putting on The Nutcracker this weekend, my kid received an award for Effort today in front of the school and my mom, grandma and sister will be with me for Christmas for the first time in a decade. Isn't it often about balance and perspective?

In truth, as usual, all is well. It really is. I'm blessed beyond words. And I love my family, our home and our life together. The real fear and unrest is inside. The unfolding of potential is, well, exhausting, exhilirating and unnerving. God sends us here with so many internal gifts, and our possibilities are endless. Now that I have made a true commitment to step out in faith, to tryuly walk my talk, I'm scared. I'm glad to have that wellspring of peace and Unconditional Love inside, that always validates me when the world won't. It has saved me from myself on so many occasions. Now is the time to strike up the spirit to push beyond our perceived shortcomings. With intent on service and being our best, we have Divine backing that is waiting to step up and help us be successful.

I pray that this week is a blessed one for you all. In 2010, I'm bringing back my internet radio talk show Emergent WellBeing on My goal is to bring into your awareness some of the wonderful mentors who have helped me over the years. We will learn new things and grow together.

Kelly Howell from Brain Sync Podcast


Kelly Howell's meditation CD's have at times, saved my life. She uses scientific technology and beautiful music to guide you to deep levels of relaxation and insight.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

She's Mother, Goddess, Woman; So Am I

There are so many joys and challenges of living in a female body and life. Only another woman could dare try to understand it all. The Kardashian girls are good at showing that. No matter what the upset, they are always matter what. Now that Kourtney kardashian has given birth to her first baby at age 30, a boy named Mason, she will be able to show a whole new side of womanhood for the world to see.

Don't get me wrong. I love my men-folks, hubby, sons, father, grandfathers and friends. But only my sisters in womanhood really understand the deeper "stuff" we gals have going on underneath the surface, at all times.

In Southern California, we are freezing from 60 degree temperatures. The blood thins out, we're spoiled, and well, at this temperature, all you see is Ugg boots, gloves and knitted mufflers. Being originally from Ohio myself, I don't think I ever really lost my warm-natured, thick blooded, hot-mama-ness.

Going into work this morning, two women watched me walk for quite a few seconds. One of them finally gasped in horror "My God, woman, aren't you cold?!" Her faced twisted up and shoulders shrugged as if to say I'm either crazy or amazingly vain. I had on jeans, a short-sleeved knit top, a cute hat and a fabulous long scarf. I laughed and joked that maybe it's perimenopause (which it might just be). But I don't really get cold often. We giggled past the sweet old doorman as we slipped into the elevators and went on our merry way. It was out little moment, we girls. A wink and a smile go a long way in supporting one another without judgment.

I've learned to embrace the collective energy of having all these ladies around me all the time. Feels warm, like home. Long gone are the insecurities of youth; competition and all the "she thinks she's cute" foolishness. We've all gone through life's stings and celebrations by our 40's, and I for one, really am enjoying this season of sexy assuredness. I feel a sense of peace, self-validation and gratitude that must only come with age and life experience.

One of my clients called today with a cheerful smile in her voice. We each affirmed that 2010 is destined to be a wonderful year, our year, in fact. She mentioned that her friends told her she is entering a whole new chapter in her life. I agreed. She then said her husband decided he doesn't want to be married to her anymore. And he's divorcing her after 9 years of marriage. She said luckily there are no kids to fight over. But this was because her daughter had died. Oooff. Felt my heart drop, just like yours did. But she was so positive and optimistic that God must be carrying us along, because here we stand ready for our continuing journey.

So today, I ask you to sit tonight, during your warm bath or shower, reflecting on your 2009 as you, the woman in your life. What do you want for her in 2010? Not for her kids, or her husband or her friends. But for HER (I mean YOU girl). I pray it's something really wonderful! My compadre Crystal Dawn Morris, Shaman, Spirual Midwife and Tantra Teacher wrote a wonderful article on practicing self -love HERE. Check it out for some great tips when you can. ~MiChelle at Spirit Refreshed

Monday, December 14, 2009

Women, Rage and Healing our Village

Interesting story in the LA Times today. It's entitled INNOCENTS BETRAYED:
With time and help, a mom may learn to conquer anger
You can read the entire article HERE.

A story like this touches each of us, whether we know it or not. But the sad thing is, instead of empathy for the mother and whatever past (most likely childhood) trauma she suffered to get her here, we will often get angry and judmental and want to crucify her. Unknowlingly, we will also punish the innocent child yet again by doing do. First and foremost, all children deserve to be safe, protected and nurtured...period. There is no amount of apologies or retribution that can erase the pain and damage that is caused by harming a child. The issue that I'm getting at is the underlying energy at the root of a woman's self-hate and depression that ultimately leads to destruction of herself, her children, her relationships and her succeeding or future generations collectively.

It's been proven through new DNA scientific technology, of which I am uber-ignorant, that temperment and addictions can be inherited. So the rage-aholic, alcoholic, passive-aggressive, or mild-tempered, loving, compassionate tendencies can travel through the bloodline. Also, we've all seen the commercials where a person whitnesses another in a random act of kindness, and is moved to in turn do the same for someone else. But what about anger. Not just irritation, which is contagious as well, but the explosive anger that makes the stomach of everyone witnessing it, become upset and tied in knots? Imagine if tiny anger schrapnel was spewed all over the room, and everyone in it's path now carries a seedling of rage, incubation until time to bust through like something from alien. Or the little girl who is beat or raped, who seems fine on the ourside, but who carries "something else" inside of her, waiting to be unleashed on the first pure, open, gentle heart it can parasite off of? Sounds like something from the SciFy channel, right?

Well, it's not. I've worked with women, and seen in my own life, how drugs, alcohol and previous abuse can be a portal, an opening into a person's "energetic immune system" much like a viral infection, with the goal of consuming her, and her children and if possible, the future good of all generations. Dr. Judith Baldwin and her late husband William J. Baldwin Phd, have done great work and published books like "Healing Lost Souls" that give case history of some of their clients dealing with spirit intrusion. John Livingston has also published "Adversaries Walk Among Us" also dealing with attachments and intrusions. Flamboyant Psychic Gary Spivey, in his book "Your Keys to Heaven" offers some great explanations, techniques and meditations to address this type of situation.

Whew, heavy stuff, right? In reality, the heaviest, yuckiest "stuff" can be not only dealt with, but healed. Compassion, empathy (different from sympathy), meditation, prayer and energy work, and most ofof all, a desire for the women of the world to stand up and say enough is enough. Instead of finding ways to break one another down, we must finds small ways each day to knit together the Female Lodge. In some cultures, the women care for one another. When one falls off, the others swoop in to help her and her children. They do it to ensure the survival and flourishing of their tribe and community. It's so easy for each of us to think we are an island, all alone and trying to maintain our shores alone. The facade of surface "fabulousness" is an ever-present mask. It is the way we maintain the illusion of polarity and separateness. In reality, we are all connected. The Divine Feminine energy is rising, and come 2010, we will all have even greater opportunities to bask in it...nurturing, creative, growth and forward movement. Please speak gently this week to a woman you think is impossible, unbearable or just plain nasty. You might just save a village of your own. ~MiChelle at Spirit Refreshed

With time and help, a mom may learn to conquer anger --

With time and help, a mom may learn to conquer anger --

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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Turn a Negative into a Positive?

This time of year brings alot of energy into the atmosphere. Lots of different types of energies float around in the air: Christmas cheer, Jewish and Muslim holiday celebrations, fear of the economy, despair at a lack of money to buy the "big" fancy stuff, anxiety over holiday family gatherings, excitement of kids going on holiday break and questioning what Santa will bring them this year (if he hasn't already been laid off). Ahh, the most wonderful time of the year.

Personally, I look forward to cooler weather here in Southern California, spending down time with my kids and husband, big fires in the fireplace...oh, and all that WONDERFUL food! But as a general practice, I tend to see the cup as half full on a daily basis.

I choose to be IN joy, regardless of what appears to be happening around me. Pollyanna? Some might say so. But choosing negativity is such an easy cop-out, in my opinion. It takes work to notice the God-given blessings in our lives often and regularly. It's my choice, and it has served me well, helping to search for solutions in challenging times, looking inward and upward to my Creator when all seems bleak and hopeless.

Occasionally, I do read the newspaper (mostly Associated Press, LA Times and USA Today) and watch the news. So yes I'm aware of the current housing, job and Tiger Woods trends. However, my focus is always on gratitude for what I have and how I can create even better circumstances for myself, my family, my community and the world.

Most assuredly, meditation and Reiki have done wonders for me in this area. Some wonderful healers in Sedona have a great holiday newsletter about using Reiki for Emotional HealingDuring the Holidays HERE.
This week, Phylameana lila Desy blogged in Healing at, about the buzz on how negativity can be positive. Huh? Read the entire article HERE.

Fascinating how the Darkness is able to twist our minds and mental concepts into things that make us question the natural human desire to thrive and claim the blessings and Light gifted to us. I encourage you to listen to your own heart this season on how to step back and not get caught up in the frenzy, chaos and fear this matter what your current circumstances.

God has some nice surprises in store for us all in the coming 2010! Please join me on Blog Talk Radio at my call-in show Emergent WellBeing. Bless you, and please arrange a call with me if you need to talk, want to set some goals or treat yourself to a wonderful healing!

In Light,

MiChelle at Spirit Refreshed

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Transgressions, A Love Story

Definition of transgression?

A violation of a law, command, or duty. The exceeding of due bounds or limits. A sin. -from

So today, after much browbeating and speculation in the media, Tiger Woods admitted to "transgressions." And the question everyone asks immediately afterwards? What will poor Elin Nordegren do? Will she stay or will she go now? Isn't it tough enough to stay married, alone without cameras and prying eyes? But to publicly face infidelity must be 100 times more intensely painful, right?

However, most people do not understand the true give and take energy of an intimate relationship. It's like being inside a wash machine. At one point the turnstile spins and at another, it sucks downward. What we see on top of the water is not even half of what is going on beneath the surface. Tiger and Elin, in my insignificant opinion, from an intuitive energetic standpoint, has been a union based on show and convenience. She's a nice lady, proper and appropriate (especially for the white-male dominated world of golf and sponsorship).

She doesn't speak in public, and there is no show of emotion, from either party, that anyone can speak of. But below the surface, there are two intense people. Two people accustomed to restraint, proper etiquette with a history of always doing and saying the right thing at the right time.

What if they each had in their energetic blueprint or energetic relationship sacred contract, to bring one another out of their shells? What if this is the beginning of a new passion, fire, openness and vulnerability neither has ever felt before? Hmm, it's got all the makings of a steamy nighttime soap. Dynasty meets Tiger. Cheating, whether physical, emotional or just mental, hurts like the dickens. It hurts all involved, no matter who you are. I'm looking forward to what we can learn from this latest installment of the Universe's current trend on bringing us all out, forward and into the spotlight.