Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Transgressions, A Love Story

Definition of transgression?

A violation of a law, command, or duty. The exceeding of due bounds or limits. A sin. -from

So today, after much browbeating and speculation in the media, Tiger Woods admitted to "transgressions." And the question everyone asks immediately afterwards? What will poor Elin Nordegren do? Will she stay or will she go now? Isn't it tough enough to stay married, alone without cameras and prying eyes? But to publicly face infidelity must be 100 times more intensely painful, right?

However, most people do not understand the true give and take energy of an intimate relationship. It's like being inside a wash machine. At one point the turnstile spins and at another, it sucks downward. What we see on top of the water is not even half of what is going on beneath the surface. Tiger and Elin, in my insignificant opinion, from an intuitive energetic standpoint, has been a union based on show and convenience. She's a nice lady, proper and appropriate (especially for the white-male dominated world of golf and sponsorship).

She doesn't speak in public, and there is no show of emotion, from either party, that anyone can speak of. But below the surface, there are two intense people. Two people accustomed to restraint, proper etiquette with a history of always doing and saying the right thing at the right time.

What if they each had in their energetic blueprint or energetic relationship sacred contract, to bring one another out of their shells? What if this is the beginning of a new passion, fire, openness and vulnerability neither has ever felt before? Hmm, it's got all the makings of a steamy nighttime soap. Dynasty meets Tiger. Cheating, whether physical, emotional or just mental, hurts like the dickens. It hurts all involved, no matter who you are. I'm looking forward to what we can learn from this latest installment of the Universe's current trend on bringing us all out, forward and into the spotlight.

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