Saturday, April 9, 2011

Demystifying Illusions

My family is winding down on a great week of "spring break" activities...complete with a quick local travel jaunt to Las Vegas.  We lounged the pool and lazy river at the MGM Grand hotel, rode the roller coaster at New York, visited an indoor skatepark that we found while scouring "family friendly" web pages and even took in the David Copperfield magic show. 

David was incredibly funny, and his illusions were fantastic!  Energetically, he seemed a bit tired and worn down, but overall it was a great show.  He walked through a giant industrial fan, make a 1950's Chevy appear from nowhere, had a cute duck appear in and out of a box and made 13 live people disappear and reappear in a different part of the arena.  Amazing, as my family and I kept asking incredulously "how did he do that?!"  Although we knew we were being put on, it was awesome to just sit back and watch the spectacle.  By the way, there were LOTS of energies and ghosts hanging out in Vegas, especially at the bar and casino areas.  I found myself doing alot of praying, space clearing and aura cleansing of our family members.  Surprisingly, we did alot of family bonding and came together like we haven't in along time.  More about that in another blog post at a later time.

We U.S. citizens have survived the first lawmaker (Democrats vs. Republicans) standoff in 15 years that would have shut down our esteemed government.  The "richest" and most powerful government in the world, would have closed up shop. 
As I look at the bills I need to send payment to for this month, I half-laugh at the fact that if I tried the same approach, I would be labeled an unfit mother and a debt beat.  It's been interesting to witness the crumbling of the old, outdated, ass-backwards systems all around us. 

As global citizens, we've allowed so much abuse too go on for much too long.  Government, political tyranny, abuse of power, financial ruin, educational under-service to our youth, abuse and deceit by religious powers...the list goes on and on.  But the veil of illusion (which we put into place ourselves for "safety") is thinning.  As we awaken to our true power and worth, what once served as placeholder for self-oppression, decayed and self-destructing, it is all falling away.

We can watch in victimhood and fear...or as I choose, be infused with hope, faith and self-empowerment.  We will never again go back to what was.  We can embrace and observe the performance as it is...a show, illusions, a relic from times past.  As we move forward into uncharted territory...we can hold tight to one another and walk bravely into our new, enlightened future together.

Michelle Jeneen
Energy Skills Educator