Friday, December 31, 2010

New Decade's Eve 2010

Today, we get to celebrate the end of a year and the beginning of a new decade, and some might even say, a new era

A decade ago, the world was poised, waiting for Y2K...praying that Armageddon was not upon us; and at the least hoping our nest egg would not disappear from the local savings and loan when the calendar rolled back to "00."

Like a snake shedding it's old, dry and tattered skins...we shed what is no longer needed for our Highest and Best Good, as our soul and planet are ascending into the next dimension of Light.

It will benefit us all to take stock (and not just close our eyes) to the events and growth that have occurred over the last 10 years. And as we bless each experience and save the knowledge but discard the emotion, pain and disappointment...we must move forward in faith that God has something really spectacular in store for us...somehow...somewhere. Claiming it as so, in the here and the greatest blessing we can give ourselves right now.

Please be joyful, kind and loving to yourself and those around you. We are all "fighting the good fight." Most of us are war-torn, weary and downright exhausted. Fear not, as a new day dawns tomorrow. God bless, and farewell 2010...

MiChelle Jeneen, Energy Skills Educator

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Mercury goes Direct today!

I'm soooo glad that, after 20 days of "enlightening" communication reworks, Mercury finally goes direct today! As Jan at says in her blog, the Mercury Retrograde "results in continued delays, frustration, miscommunication, misunderstandings."

The Universe knows exactly what it is doing, and all of it definitely needed to happen to bring hidden things into light. I'm feeling optimistic about future communications with my clients, peers and especially my kids. About to look into some books and resources on talking with the kids and learning some new things about sharing truth in a meaningful and positive way. Have a great Mercury Direct day!

MiChelle Jeneen, Energy Skills Educator

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Winter Solstice, 2010

Thinking back on the seasonal changes as I grew up, Winter Solstice has always been one of my favorites. Solstice is the day with the shortest amount of daylight, for the entire calendar year. The thought of hibernation...warm, cuddly, snuggled in tight...burrowing into the home cave with family, food and fire...always conjures up primal comfort for me.

Solstice always meant drawing inward, a anticipation of a rebirth in the Spring. But this year, I finally see the process in a different way. Not unlike the moment an egg is fertilized in utero, Solstice is the beginning, not the end. Seeds are planted, nestled deep within, protected, nurtured and just waiting for the day when it can push its tender young leaves upwards towards the sun.

A busy year ends on an equally active note. Full moon, lunar eclipse, Mercury retrograde....lots of alignments, all in service to provide opportunity for reflection and growth. In her book, "Ceremonies of the Seasons," Jennifer Cole says "...the end of one cycle is the beginning of the next, which makes Midwinter a time to look forward in hope. We have time to contemplate the year that is ending and plan for the future. Communities gather together at the Winter Solstice, to celebrate the return of the Light...with rejoicing and the exchange of gifts." Instead of the day of the least amount of Light, we are preparing for the return of longer days, renewal, rebirth and later Harvest. So rest, celebrate, reflect...and prepare yourself for the awakening the new year will bring us all.

MiChelle Jeneen, Energy Skills Educator and
Intuitive Life Coach

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Hot Tea on a Cold Rainy Day

It's been so long since I've awaken to a quiet house; it's a little startling.

My sons spent the night at a friend's house...apparently movies, video games and hot cider sounded better across the street than upstairs in their own house, I guess. Hubby and I tried desperately to stay up and watch a movie past 9 o'clock, but that was futile. He was slightly disgruntled to hear himself call the two of us "old fogies" at the age of 42 years old. As the one who gets up for work daily at 4am, I could barely hear his voice through my own snoring.

We woke up early this morning, feeling rested and seeking the adventure of the "good old days." The plan? A a little morning "mommy/daddy time," shower then off to the coffee house to read the paper over a hot cup of coffee and a danish. As I looked out the window at the gray skies and pouring rain, my response was to pull the heated blanket over me and go back to sleep. He mused, "wouldn't it be heavenly to stay in bed all day, making love, feeding each other and watching football?" Uh, yea babe, sounds divine! He did in fact skip off to grab coffee, banana bread and then headed to the gym to run a couple of miles before returning to his favorite spot on the couch to yes, watch football all day.

Our boys came home briefly, to make a quick lunch and change into yet another set of dry clothes. Seems they spent the entire day splashing, sliding and tromping through the muddy wash and its rising creek that forms when it rains.

In a moment of sheer giddiness, I dug out my clip-on reading light and snuggled into my comfy chair with a hot cup of Yogi Organic Tea and this month's Good Housekeeping magazine. My favorite article talked about the benefits of mindfulness on stress-relief, keeping of resolutions and peace of mind. Ah, yes, mindfulness is great stuff.

But today, mindLESSness is high on my list too! I made a big pot of homemade chicken stew with carrots and celery, a pot of jasmine rice, we have a dozen fire logs and the online movies are queued up for family time. For 350 days of the year, life in Southern California is sunny, sparkly and full of constant birdsong. For the two weeks that we get rain, it's a quiet wonderland...beckoning me to savor it by gazing out my french doors, good book in hand, with a delicious cup of hot tea.

MiChelle Jeneen
Energy Skills Educator

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Review, Release, then Repeat: Mercury Retrograde, December 2010

Well, Merry Retrograde everyone! All I can say is, we might as well laugh (to keep from crying), because stuff can really hit the fan about now! Mercury turns retrograde December 10, 2010 at 5 Capricorn and Mercury turns direct December 30, 2010 at 19 Sagittarius (for you astrology buffs). All the busy work, running around, emails and other communication...might just clog into backlog and show you the need to review, release then repeat (or even start fresh). Don't get confused if you feel like you're in a holding pattern. Breathe, release...then begin again.

According to "The Stars this Week" by Amanda Owen HERE, "'s best to keep your ears and eyes open during this time that highlights rapidly changing ideas and events. While Mercury is in Capricorn, focus on how to further yourself and gather information about what you need to build into your life to succeed. Once Mercury enters Sagittarius, review your belief systems. Which ones are helpful? Which ones do you need to ditch? Because this retrograde occurs during the holiday period, make sure you hold onto your gift purchase receipts! If you'll be traveling, double-check your reservations and, in case you're delayed, bring a good book to read and plenty of games for the kids. And of course, defer decision-making if possible until after Mercury turns direct. This time is famous for people making mistakes!"

As a true Gemini, I can attest to the fact that Mercury is a crafty trickster who will frustrate you to tears of laughter, if you let it. December 2009, my entire family was in my house from Ohio for a whole month, my computer crashed without ability to revive and travel plans went completely haywire. Not to mention the normal stress and strained communications that can occur with the world just get kicked up a notch.

But I've also received awesome job offers and have been spared (by unforeseen delay) from shooting myself in the foot during Retrogrades in the past too.

As appears on CRYSTALINKS, "During this passage 3 and a half week transit, our attention moves towards unfinished business. Since all backward movement symbolizes a return to source, we can use these times to attend to our inner perceptions, and reconnect with the spiritual source of our thoughts. This introversion can bring about a critical purification process that can help us gain new insights based on prior knowledge.

Through Mercury, we express ourselves with language, writing, speaking and reasoning.

It's important to figure out how this transit affects the patterns in your life as they will repeat. To me Mercury Retrograde means Repetitions and Delays. Pay attention to details now, especially linked to transportation and communication. We also find mixed or missed messages. Plans change. Things are lost or forgotten. Decisions will be made and revisited. Don't forget that Mercury is the Trickster who brings messages and learning lessons in round-about ways that we attract by synchronicity."

And Astrologer Molly Hall says, "December 10th to December 30th: The last Mercury retrograde of the year begins in Capricorn at 5 degrees. This brings us full circle, with a year-end look at how well we've used our resources. Mercury retrogrades back into visionary Sagittarius on the 19th, until going direct on the 30th at 19 degrees Sagittarius.

This retrograde is a progress report, after a tumultuous year. We may get a dose of the Archer's enthusiasm, with flashes of what's now possible."

She even goes deeper in her BLOG to say, "This retrograde of Mercury in Capricorn feels to me like being in a cave. Like in this image -- one of my favorites -- the light could shine in a dark place, illuminating parts of our lives that are foundational. But for now, I very much feel like I'm standing at the archway leading into darker woods. It's a mysterious time, full of anticipation for what will be revealed there."

That's exactly how I feel...cautiously anticipating the review of some tough lessons learned this last year. Also, as those new seeds of planning lie dormant inside me...yearning for their day to push towards the sun, I know this is my time for rest, renewal and rework. I just make sure, before I open my substantial mouth, that I first breathe and ask myself "really necessary right now?" Hard learned lesson, but a real lifesaver as we are poised on the edge of a new decade... and a new age. Happy Retrograde, and don't forget to laugh and stay in amusement (it raises your vibration)!!

~MiChelle Jeneen, Energy Skills Educator

Happy Hanukkah!

Today is the first of the eight-day Jewish holiday Hanukkah. As this year draws to a close, it's a chance to open to the many different opportunities to learn of other cultures and ways to honor the sacred and Divine. has a great gathering of information on the origins of Hanukkah as well as Blessings to all of my friends and world family during this time of prayer and reflection.

MiChelle Jeneen, Energy Skills Educator