Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Greatest Love

After a long absence, I was called to visit a local church this last Sunday for mass.  My buddies and I had already planned to go hiking a local mountain, as they do every Sunday morning before dawn. 

Unusually, being outdoors in nature and then some at-home meditation are my regular spiritual practice.  But for the last few month, I've been hearing God whisper (with the occasional tap on the shoulder) that some of the answers I seek regarding my life path and parenting my young teens might be found in fellowship with other Believers. 

Most people who know me know that I like to un-church...mostly because of the politics and dogma involved in most systems of man-made worship.  So God and I have agreed that I will "visit" a different place of worship each week, and wait for further instructions come January of 2012.  I'm meditating on the scriptural teaching this week:  Mathew 22:34-40 " the Lord your God with all of your heart, soul and mind.  This is the first and greatest commandment.  the second is Love your neighbor as yourself."  I'm learning that what if we also need to love ourselves as we do our neighbor?  Couldn't we bless ourselves and those around us, but showing ourselves the same courtesies and compassion as we do do strangers?

We've all heard this spoken as a sound bite, the Golden Rule, in so many occasions.  But I have really been working with the Holy Trinity, particularly, the Holy Spirit (the electrical juice), to take me into the hologram picture of what God is showing us about the shift that is occurring on this planet right now.  I have received much insight, but for now will share that our previous preoccupation with outward appearances is being curbed with the necessity to come back to the basics of living simply, caring for our aging and rearing kind, loving progressing and faith-filled children.  In learning self-love, we are in fact able to share more of our authentic selves with the world at large.  What little things are you doing in your daily life to nurture self-love?