Thursday, November 26, 2009

Holiday Energy Bzzz...

So, I'm literally as full as a tic. Oh, I did fill up on lots of fresh fruits and veggies first. But I really went to town on my Mother-in-Law's delicious American-Japanese-Hawaiian fusion cuisine, as usual. She is the sweetest lady ever, and full of "aloha." She spoils us and really knows how to care for others.
A sign of everyone getting older was apparent in each corner of the room. My youngest son immediately starts going to the candy dishes and jumping around, because he gets hyper in small spaces. He decided to grab a tennis ball and go into the carport to play hand ball (they call it butt's up, go figure). My young teen slouched down in an easy chair with iPod turned up on full blast. My MIL scurried about in the kitchen, cheerfully pulling out dish after dish of food. And my dear 80-year old Father-in-Law proceeded to tell me of his cholesterol and more recent enlarged prostate woes (in graphic detail) and excruciating inability to, uh, pass liquids.
The food was served as we all gathered at the table, blessed the food (silently) and each spoke on what we were each grateful for. It was a peaceful end to an otherwise energetically stressful day. On the way home, we even did a fly-by past the local Best Buy. I just figured at 630pm, there's no way anybody would be lined up for those laptops and flat screens so early, right? So wrong! There was a line of at least 40-deep!

As far as actual activity level, my day was quiet on the surface. Got up and made the kids breakfast, hubby was at work all day, watched this week's episode of Glee on Tivo (loved the Bootylicious number), did a little laundry and surfed the web for deals. I checked all the circulars, but Best Buy's Black Friday laptop deal worked me into a bit of a frenzy. All of a sudden, I HAD to have a laptop. Of course it would be nice, but do I really HAVE to have a Not really.
I've never even shopped on any Black Friday, ever. Over the course of the day, I felt myself becoming more and more ungrounded, anxious, irritable and "intruded" upon. I finally realized I was picking up on what I call the "holiday frenzy" energy that builds beginning today through the first of the new year. It's extremely uncomfortable, obsessive and honestly, quite upsetting.
So my remedy? Grounded out the foreign energy, ran some gold Universal energy (of the Highest level), removed all extraneous energies piggy-backing for a free wide on my heightened anxiety, cleared my aura (and my home), owned my crown and solar plexus chakras (and trans medium channels) so that nobody else could "tap in," and moved my awareness into my body in present time. Sounds wordy, but the whole process took about 60 seconds.
Whew, felt much better after that! So now, after dessert and driving by the ridiculous line camped outside Best Buy, I've come to my senses and own the fact that fear-based decisions are not part of my experience. I'll get my laptop for sure, Santa's already promised. But my energy is not for sale.

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