Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Back to the Basics

Just getting back into cyberspace after my computer crashed Saturday. Santa was sweet and brought me a netbook. Everybody ready for 2010?

Mercury went retrograde on December 26th. Mercury is the planet that rules communication, technology and slowing down all processes for review. It can cause computer malfunctions and general miscommunication. Be extra prudent to recheck all email, text and tones of conversations. Also, any plans you want to move forward will require checking and revision as this time shows us the need to break everything down to the basics and to be open to taking the time to open up to new (and often unexpected) information and input.

I'm taking some time to meditate, cleanse and pray on what I want to see happen in my life over the coming twelve months. We're having a small get-together for New Years Eve to ring in 2010 safely with a small group of close pals. Looking forward to the adventure the Universe has planned for me.

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