Monday, December 14, 2009

Women, Rage and Healing our Village

Interesting story in the LA Times today. It's entitled INNOCENTS BETRAYED:
With time and help, a mom may learn to conquer anger
You can read the entire article HERE.

A story like this touches each of us, whether we know it or not. But the sad thing is, instead of empathy for the mother and whatever past (most likely childhood) trauma she suffered to get her here, we will often get angry and judmental and want to crucify her. Unknowlingly, we will also punish the innocent child yet again by doing do. First and foremost, all children deserve to be safe, protected and nurtured...period. There is no amount of apologies or retribution that can erase the pain and damage that is caused by harming a child. The issue that I'm getting at is the underlying energy at the root of a woman's self-hate and depression that ultimately leads to destruction of herself, her children, her relationships and her succeeding or future generations collectively.

It's been proven through new DNA scientific technology, of which I am uber-ignorant, that temperment and addictions can be inherited. So the rage-aholic, alcoholic, passive-aggressive, or mild-tempered, loving, compassionate tendencies can travel through the bloodline. Also, we've all seen the commercials where a person whitnesses another in a random act of kindness, and is moved to in turn do the same for someone else. But what about anger. Not just irritation, which is contagious as well, but the explosive anger that makes the stomach of everyone witnessing it, become upset and tied in knots? Imagine if tiny anger schrapnel was spewed all over the room, and everyone in it's path now carries a seedling of rage, incubation until time to bust through like something from alien. Or the little girl who is beat or raped, who seems fine on the ourside, but who carries "something else" inside of her, waiting to be unleashed on the first pure, open, gentle heart it can parasite off of? Sounds like something from the SciFy channel, right?

Well, it's not. I've worked with women, and seen in my own life, how drugs, alcohol and previous abuse can be a portal, an opening into a person's "energetic immune system" much like a viral infection, with the goal of consuming her, and her children and if possible, the future good of all generations. Dr. Judith Baldwin and her late husband William J. Baldwin Phd, have done great work and published books like "Healing Lost Souls" that give case history of some of their clients dealing with spirit intrusion. John Livingston has also published "Adversaries Walk Among Us" also dealing with attachments and intrusions. Flamboyant Psychic Gary Spivey, in his book "Your Keys to Heaven" offers some great explanations, techniques and meditations to address this type of situation.

Whew, heavy stuff, right? In reality, the heaviest, yuckiest "stuff" can be not only dealt with, but healed. Compassion, empathy (different from sympathy), meditation, prayer and energy work, and most ofof all, a desire for the women of the world to stand up and say enough is enough. Instead of finding ways to break one another down, we must finds small ways each day to knit together the Female Lodge. In some cultures, the women care for one another. When one falls off, the others swoop in to help her and her children. They do it to ensure the survival and flourishing of their tribe and community. It's so easy for each of us to think we are an island, all alone and trying to maintain our shores alone. The facade of surface "fabulousness" is an ever-present mask. It is the way we maintain the illusion of polarity and separateness. In reality, we are all connected. The Divine Feminine energy is rising, and come 2010, we will all have even greater opportunities to bask in it...nurturing, creative, growth and forward movement. Please speak gently this week to a woman you think is impossible, unbearable or just plain nasty. You might just save a village of your own. ~MiChelle at Spirit Refreshed

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