Tuesday, December 15, 2009

She's Mother, Goddess, Woman; So Am I

There are so many joys and challenges of living in a female body and life. Only another woman could dare try to understand it all. The Kardashian girls are good at showing that. No matter what the upset, they are always sisters...no matter what. Now that Kourtney kardashian has given birth to her first baby at age 30, a boy named Mason, she will be able to show a whole new side of womanhood for the world to see.

Don't get me wrong. I love my men-folks, hubby, sons, father, grandfathers and friends. But only my sisters in womanhood really understand the deeper "stuff" we gals have going on underneath the surface, at all times.

In Southern California, we are freezing from 60 degree temperatures. The blood thins out, we're spoiled, and well, at this temperature, all you see is Ugg boots, gloves and knitted mufflers. Being originally from Ohio myself, I don't think I ever really lost my warm-natured, thick blooded, hot-mama-ness.

Going into work this morning, two women watched me walk for quite a few seconds. One of them finally gasped in horror "My God, woman, aren't you cold?!" Her faced twisted up and shoulders shrugged as if to say I'm either crazy or amazingly vain. I had on jeans, a short-sleeved knit top, a cute hat and a fabulous long scarf. I laughed and joked that maybe it's perimenopause (which it might just be). But I don't really get cold often. We giggled past the sweet old doorman as we slipped into the elevators and went on our merry way. It was out little moment, we girls. A wink and a smile go a long way in supporting one another without judgment.

I've learned to embrace the collective energy of having all these ladies around me all the time. Feels warm, like home. Long gone are the insecurities of youth; competition and all the "she thinks she's cute" foolishness. We've all gone through life's stings and celebrations by our 40's, and I for one, really am enjoying this season of sexy assuredness. I feel a sense of peace, self-validation and gratitude that must only come with age and life experience.

One of my clients called today with a cheerful smile in her voice. We each affirmed that 2010 is destined to be a wonderful year, our year, in fact. She mentioned that her friends told her she is entering a whole new chapter in her life. I agreed. She then said her husband decided he doesn't want to be married to her anymore. And he's divorcing her after 9 years of marriage. She said luckily there are no kids to fight over. But this was because her daughter had died. Oooff. Felt my heart drop, just like yours did. But she was so positive and optimistic that God must be carrying us along, because here we stand ready for our continuing journey.

So today, I ask you to sit tonight, during your warm bath or shower, reflecting on your 2009 as you, the woman in your life. What do you want for her in 2010? Not for her kids, or her husband or her friends. But for HER (I mean YOU girl). I pray it's something really wonderful! My compadre Crystal Dawn Morris, Shaman, Spirual Midwife and Tantra Teacher wrote a wonderful article on practicing self -love HERE. Check it out for some great tips when you can. ~MiChelle at Spirit Refreshed


  1. Oh goodness, I realy needed to read something likeths tonight. i appreciate yo0ur input on lifes journeys and our perspectives are so alike. You gave me chills. I have been trying to be a positive woman and shaare the smiles and encourament whether personal or professional. I am as well always warm no....I was never warm like I am these days I literally fell the warmth and redness (along with sweat on my forehead)
    I am so happy to be connecting with you and plan to share with a few close great women
    thanks and God Bless

  2. Thank you Mercedes, and God bless you too. Feel free to email or Facebook me if you want to talk more! ~M