Friday, December 18, 2009

Faith Trumps Fear

This has been one the most exhilarating, exhausting and emotional weeks of my life. Family coming in from out of town, tweens with emotional and hormonal spikes, report cards, work, bills, opportunity, the unknown, fresh starts and tearful endings. Man, it's like living on the Lifetime Network. I feel like I am actually the sappy movie of the week. I felt badly when I logged in to see Jon and Kate have finalized their divorce, California jobs are shrinking and yet the rate of prisoners on death row continues to increase. On the other hand, the local ballet company is putting on The Nutcracker this weekend, my kid received an award for Effort today in front of the school and my mom, grandma and sister will be with me for Christmas for the first time in a decade. Isn't it often about balance and perspective?

In truth, as usual, all is well. It really is. I'm blessed beyond words. And I love my family, our home and our life together. The real fear and unrest is inside. The unfolding of potential is, well, exhausting, exhilirating and unnerving. God sends us here with so many internal gifts, and our possibilities are endless. Now that I have made a true commitment to step out in faith, to tryuly walk my talk, I'm scared. I'm glad to have that wellspring of peace and Unconditional Love inside, that always validates me when the world won't. It has saved me from myself on so many occasions. Now is the time to strike up the spirit to push beyond our perceived shortcomings. With intent on service and being our best, we have Divine backing that is waiting to step up and help us be successful.

I pray that this week is a blessed one for you all. In 2010, I'm bringing back my internet radio talk show Emergent WellBeing on My goal is to bring into your awareness some of the wonderful mentors who have helped me over the years. We will learn new things and grow together.

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