Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Secret Life of Bee Sting Therapy

The flowers are budding and the tree blossoms are blooming. Of course, this fresh Springtime brings hummingbirds and bees.

Bees have been ever-present in my awareness over the last month. Several personal stories have "randomly" been told to me regarding bee infestation, bee stings, bee sightings, bee goes on. In shamanic terms, bees signify taking focused action and bringing sweetness into our lives.

So I've focusing on the small, sweet moments and setting intention to increase that aspect of my life (quickly). My most recent post on The Spirited Woman discusses the renewed interest in alipathy, or bee venom therapy. Article is HERE.

It's always been fascinating to me, but the jury's still out on being intentionally stung by bees. Funny, when writing the piece, I remember sitting in SAT's, with the nuns vigilantly watching over us, being stung in the neck by a bee. I stayed silent and completed the SAT's, but it was so surreal, to this day, I remember how stunned, literally, I was. Still did great on the test, but bee's definitely get my attention now.

Enjoy the article and please comment when you get a chance. ~MiChelle

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