Thursday, September 16, 2010

Laughing, Crying and Growth Periods...oh my!

Is it my imagination, or is life not only traveling by at break-neck speed but also offering endless "opportunity" to connect more deeply and experience every nuance of emotions via heightened awareness?

Ok, I admit, I'm rambling. And your patience is sooo appreciated while I get the crazy talk out of my head, for all to judge. Is it a matter of tapping into the "collective consciousness" of our world feeling the squeeze of financial apocalypse? USA Today's recent article suggests I might even be digesting the stress and experiences of those around me and making it my own.

The last few months have been wrought with high emotion, melancholy, deep insight, major growth shifts and euphoric highs. Before you ask: yes, I'm current on all needed meds, hormones checks and therapy sessions. I've just really felt the push-pull, ebb-flow in a more pronounced way. It has become more important than ever for me to connect deeply with others (friends, family and complete strangers), to follow my path, to live in joy and to be of service like I never have before. The LA Times recently published a column showing the correlation between having social life and loving relationships, community involvement and a longer and happier life.
As my kids say, uh, duh mom. fortunately, this is not my first time at the rodeo. I know this slip into what is euphemistically known as a "growth period" means that when I inevitably emerge from the other side of this time of high emotion and deep thinking/feeling, my life will be changed for the better. In the interim, thank God for prayer, meditation, long walks at sunset...and butter pecan ice cream.

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