Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Release and the Burning Bowl

This week, we saw the first New Moon of the year with a special manifestation ritual.  Excitement and anticipation for the opportunities of the new year are settling into reflection, goal setting and release.  In honor of new beginnings, I lead a burning bowl ceremony at my house.  It is ceremony whereby, you spend time in prayerful meditation (in my case assisted by shamanic drumming). 

The goal is to bring up to the service all the issues, events, people, feelings etc from the previous year you want to release and be healed of.  With intention, you write each item on a piece of paper and then burn it in a prepared sacred fire for release and transmutation by God and the loving group of angels gathered to assist.  It's a great way to cut cords to old "stuff" and to create space for new growth. 

Then, again with intention, on a separate piece of paper, you write out the new life, attributes etc. you want to create and have manifest in your life...always noting that this or something better is created for the Highest Good for all concerned.  At that point, you can burn the second sheet of paper and release the creation of your goals to God or seal it in an envelope to open the end of the year.

It was a busy day of preparation and sweet omens.  Two hawks excitedly circled overhead, above my driveway, cawing their boisterous cry.  It was as if they were sounding the alarm..."She's here, she's ready, she's awake!"  In shamanic terms, the hawk medicine alerts us that important information is forthcoming.

Collectively and individually, our group members released personal doubts, fears and persistent disappointments.  We released familial trauma and painful lessons inherited from our bloodlines.  After cleansing our auras and balancing our chakras, we then allowed ourselves to dream and feel the prosperity and joy that come from truly living and embodying our life's work, as God intended us to live it in this lifetime. 

We utilized energy medicine, shamanic drumming and the power of fire as catalysts for healing, change and empowerment.  Lost not was the power of laughter and amusement...the Highest level of energy for manifestation.  It was a great day, with great company (in person and angelic alike).  What a blessing to know the power of our Creator and right intention.  Come on 2011, bless and prosper us.  We are soooo ready!

MiChelle Jeneen, Energy Skills Educator

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