Friday, March 18, 2011

Supermoon 2011

Tomorrow night, the Earth's perpetual satellite, the moon, will be the closest it's been in 18 years. 

Supposedly, this so-called "Supermoon" will be a sight to behold.  As usual, the regular doomsday prophets are predicting destruction and catastrophe.  Our world is seemingly in an upheaval...war, earthquakes, tsunami's, civil rebellions, union dismemberment, radioactive's all much to much to comprehend. 

Many point to the coming "End of times," the Book of Revelation, the coming of 2012 and possible Armageddon.  Personally, I'm continuing to keep my eyes on God and His ability (and desire) to respond to our heartfelt prayers and requests. 

Astrologically, the full moon energy is harvested to assist with the completion of old issues and projects, in order to usher in the new.  That's what I'll be meditating on this Super-full-moon.  Breath deep, stay grounded and don't allow yourselves to be dragged down in the heavy, dark blanket of fear attempting to smother out the indomitable human spirit of faith and creation.  Bless you all along the way.

MiChelle Jeneen
Energy Skills Educator

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