Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Coming out of the Shadows with Authenticity

As I checked my Google search this morning, I was pleasantly surprised to see an article in my hometown newspaper, The Cleveland Plain Dealer, discussing alternative and integrative care for various issues from depression to pain and fatigue to those seeking a deeper connection to self and others. Read the entire article HERE.

It's a rare cloudy, rainy day here in Southern California. I'm relishing sitting on the couch watching the Tom Hanks-Meg Ryan marathon on E. Heated blanket and laptop on my at the ready, it's delicious to just "be" for a change...with no thoughts of the "do" necessary later on today. Missing my dog Roxie, because we loved to take long walks together on days like this.

Instead, I've found myself reflecting more on me. Now that's sometimes a mystery...Meeeeee. We women often spend so much time perpetrating the dance of what we think we're supposed to be, we forget to take the time to cultivate whom we really are and want to be. When I think back on my formative years, in a little close-knit (and fairly close-minded) community in Northeastern Ohio, nobody would ever have dreamed to step outside the confines of the traditional. Catholic or Baptist, doing what everyone before us and around us was doing. A protective mask of "normal" was on every face.

Another reason I like Mary Ann Winkowski (the real Ghost Whisperer behind the show) so much. She's from the same town, same socio background and has managed to step out on faith that she has a gift to share with the world authentically. Coming out of the spiritual, life's-vocation, true-passion closet is a bit scary. In the end, it is so exciting that it's quickly becoming my greatest adventure of all.

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