Sunday, January 31, 2010

Let Go and Get Over It...already

Were you aware that January is International Get Over It Month? That is significant, because so many people want to create something new (think New Years resolutions), when they have a hard time letting go of what was.

Several years ago, I attended a workshop in Los Angeles called Spiritually Speaking… Get Over It. It was lead by Doreene Hamilton Minister of Metaphysics and Spirituality, Healer, Spiritual Life Coach. She also has a book by the same name available for purchase with the exercises and processes. I remember asking myself "Is this really all we need to do, release the past and have the intention to move on?" It seems so simple, but profound. Lately, my clients have all been questioning their restlessness. There is a common thread of wanting more from life, even when it is yet unnamed. More peace, wholeness, joy.

At my Reiki Drumming introductory talk this past Thursday. It was called "Inspired Goalsetting with Reiki Drumming." The attendees had such lovely energy that the vibration of the class was very high. Lots of interesting shifts and insights were vocalized. Even my 13 year old son, who was my official assistant for the first time, said he went to a special place and felt renewed. The next morning, he said he had a dream that he felt alone and scared and hemmed in, and the Terminator reached out his hand and said "Come with me if you want to live." He reached out and took his hand, got an oozie and together they kicked some booty. I asked if it meant anything to him, but he didn't say. I saw in him, and the others, how important it is to let go of old outdated thoughts, history and ideas of what we think "should" be. Once we do so, we create a space for the new, wonderful dreams and goals we have to come into fruition.

Lots of old tapes and programming have come into my awareness lately, asking me if I want to let go and finally get over it. I have to say, I finally feel ready, worthy, willing and able to get past my past and move joyfully in the now and beyond.

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