Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Our Heart's Desire

This last week, I've found myself stepping back and examining my heart's desires. Valentine's Day is coming up this weekend, and those people in the card, flower and candy business are counting on the folks who desperately want to feel the love this week.

That's a funny concept all of a sudden to me. To really FEEL. We all keep hearing how the energy of manifestation is strong and all around us. In many situations, I've being asked, "If you had all possiblity and resources at your fingertips to create whatever you want, what would you want?" What a loaded question! For myself, I'm at a loss for words (hard to believe, I know). But for my kids, parents, husband, friends and the world...EVERYTHING GOOD AND JUST.

My desire to step back and dream, just for me, has been in the forefront of my thoughts. February is the American Heart Association's Women's Heart Health momth. I've had my checkups, and thankfully, all is well in that department. Now the real work seems to self-examination. Self-care and self-love are a chore that I must continually put on my daily schedule, or else I just forget.

It makes me sad to think, how my life sometimes continues on its own, without any conscious participation on my part. And, lately my students also mirror the sentiments loud and clear: Am I worthy? How much is too much? Who am I to expect more in life. I'm praying for guidance, wisdom and Unconditional Love to show me how to treat me this Valentine's Day and beyond. What about you?

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