Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Meeting Me Where I Am: A Month-long Journey.

Today, from Autumn Equinox 2010/full moon to the next full moon, I'm do a "consciousness cleanse." It's been a long time coming, and my goal is to reconnect more deeply with my Creator and also with my Higher Self. I wrote a brief intro on a women's blogsite and title the post "Meeting Me Where I Am: A monthlong journey."
The plan as it stands right now: no animal products, daily (and deliberate) prayer, meditation, Reiki and an overall general self-Love-fest. I made my first trip to the grocery store to stock up on veggies, and feeling no anxiety so far. The past mentality I often took was to first have a "last supper" and secretly begin without telling anyone so as to not feel foolish when I fell off the wagon.

This time feels different. I feel empowered, focused and well-prepared. Actually, a feeling of excitement is coming over me, as I know this could be the start of somethin' good. God meets us where we are now. I know there is no need to wait for a more perfect me before I can receive all the abundance and blessing a soul connection to my Creator and God-self. Day one is under way!

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