Monday, September 27, 2010

Prayer + Fasting + Cleansing = Miracles

Beginning day six of what is shaping up to be an incredibly life-validating, monthlong experiment. Life is a wonderful playshop. And if we are creative, it's (mostly) free. My goal, from the 2010 Fall Equinox/September Super Harvest Moon/Full Moon through the next Full Moon of October 22, 2010? To develop the deepest, most robust, juicy and Loving relationship with my Higher Self and God as I have ever had. Daily prayer, meditation, reflection/writing, cleansing (of mind and body) and some form of fasting each week are on the very loose but ambitious agenda for the month. Before anybody starts spouting off about their (unfounded) opinions about fasting, remember there are all types of fasts. As a matter of fact, I've done most of them personally, all with varying levels of success.

Warning, warning! TMI-alert! If you are squimish or overly-sensitive, you might want to change the channel, as I am a CHRONIC over-sharer. My spirit is often guided to give alot of the gory details that your average poser is unable or unwiling to share.

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, to "fast" means, "to eat sparingly or abstain from some foods." In many religions including Judaism, Christianity and Islam, among others. As a kid, I went to Catholic school during the day, and was taught by the nuns all about becoming "mature in my faith" and knowing when to pull back and self-deny in order to focus on communicating directly with God. And on Sundays, I fellowshipped at a Holiness church (a kind of Pentacostal/Baptist hybrid) where we would monthly have "Corporate Fasts" on behalf of a shared spiritual goal or vision. And of course there were those marathon teen starvation fasts. Those were done with the hopes of maintaing the doctor chart standard of 125 pounds. Even during those times of light-headedness and hallucinations, I would capitolize on the opportunity to use time I normally spent eating to pray and meditate in silence on my relationship with God. I know, I was an unconventional kid, what can I say. At 14, when my great-grandfather died, I felt his spirit lingering around my family. I felt so much angst for him: 1) he was so tied to our grief and safety, he felt unfinished, and 2) because of certain "transgressions" in his lifetime, I was worried he might not make it all the way to Heaven safely. So I commenced, without family consent, to two weeks of fasting and prayer for his safe passage into the Pearly Gates. At the end of the forteen days, a feeling of relief and accomplishment washed over me, and I knew without doubt, that my actions helped him to let go and to move on with Blessing.

Over the next few decades, I would always (though slowly and with hesitation) answer the inner call to fast or abstain. I've done the Master Cleanse, juice fasts, water fasts, raw vegan fasts, you name it. Each time, I was careful to give myself an out, you know, "just in case" whatever that means. While fortunate to always know that where ever I chose to begin or end, God was always there to meet me where I was and be okay with me. The real problem is that rarely have I actually been okay with me. Affirmations, meal plans and support groups are great. But energy work and prayer (often they are one in the same) really magnify success results in any endeavor. I did a major cleanse last Easter. I was so down on myself for not making through the entire six weeks. But I knew I had accomplish a great amount of healing and cleansing when I quit. The one lingering issue during each fast/cleanse? A feeling of self-deprivation and resentment. Resentment for what? I guess that's a whole 'nuther episode of Oprah, but you would think it would be for all the foods/drinks/social activities I had to "give up" to get back to health and wholness, albeit for a short amount of time. But over the years, I've come to see it is more of a self-hate kinda thing. How often do we really beat ourselves up over those things we think we have really screwed up in our lives? Our career, our kids, our relationships, our future, our finances, our physical and mental health...well, everything. Is it just me, or are the feelings of guilt, self-depreciation and regret ever-present and overwhelming?

Fortunately, with alot of prayer, meditation, Reiki, past life regression, shamanic healing, hypnotherapy and even a little psychology...I've come to see my life, our lives, from a larger vantage point over the years. Do I still feel a great amount of responsibility for the bumps and bruises in my life, of course. As a grown up, we must have self-mastery and self-accountability. However, the power to create, and heal is in the NOW.

My body, God, my Higher Self and my high-level Guides have been slowly nudging me to this point for some time. Only recently have I really stopped the outward focus so much and sat back and really listened to what my body-mind and emotions have been trying to tell me for the last couple of years. I'm tired (no, exhausted is a better word), mentally fatigued, overweight, and psychically over-saturated. So I decided towards the beginning of the year to do what my body mind tells me to do. If I wanted an occasional steak or corned beef sandwich from Canter's, or bottle of Kendall Jackson Zinfindel, or Bryer's Butter Pecan ice cream....damnit I'm grown, I consumed it. If I wanted to become more sedentary and retreat into my nice, cool, comfortable house (with it's soft warm Snuggie), I did it (alot actually). Now I know it was a matter of proving to my body that it can trust me to listen to it, to make good on my promise to value myself and my temple that brings in all of this wonderful spiritual insight and assistance for others.

So now, this time, I'm honestly and truly ready to move into the next era of wellness for myself. This next month is a process, and I'm intending to savor the journey. This last week, I decided to ease into this monthlong fast/cleanse. Went veggie, no animal products including foul, fish or dairy. I've been making the most delicious gourment veggie burgers (even converted the three men in my house to those), salads and soups. Next week, maybe I'll go raw or maybe I might even do the Master Cleanse for ten days. Then the last two weeks, I'll continue to delve into prayer and meditation for my next steps. So far, three books topics (with titles and cover artwork) have come out. I'm feeling well-cared for, energetic and joyful.

Several people have asked me for specifics, so here we go. First of all, I never say "do as I do" or this may work for you, because it may not. Use common sense and talk with your doctor before doing anything radical or irresponsible (like I do) such as drastically changing your diet and completely turning your life upset down, k? Almost all of the books, tapes, CD's etc, I have read for myself personally and use the techniques and tools. Please do your own research and listen to that small still voice inside YOU as to what may or may not work for you and your lifestyle.

Book list:
-The Dark Side of the Light Chasers - Ford
-Master Cleanse - Burroughs
-Raw Food Life Force Energy - Rose
-Juicing for Life - Calbom
-Quantum Wellness Cleanse: The 21-Day Essential Guide to Healing Your Mind, Body and Spirit - Freston
-The 21-Day Consciousness Cleanse: A Breakthrough Program for Connecting with Your Soul's Deepest Purpose - Ford
-Lose Weight, Have More Energy & Be Happier in 10 Days, Second Edition - Glickman
-You Can Heal Your Life (book & workbook)- Hay
-You Are Psychic - Katz
-You Are the Answer - Tamura
-Why Prople Don't Heal and How They Can - Hay
-Guided Meditation - Howell

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