Thursday, October 7, 2010

Psychic Self ♥ Mental Wellness - Pt. 1

This is Mental Health Awareness Week, and today is National Depression Screening Day. Today, Shine publication posted an interesting article called "6 Surprising Signs of Depression." Sadly, many people who are dealing with undiagnosed depression suffer the sadness, hopeless and despair and blame the economy, joblessness, ongoing war and the bleak plight of the world means we should all be sad. Unfortunately, the little joys in life that can be celebrated daily go unappreciated. Gratitude, hope and connectedness are major components of living well, regardless of our outward circumstances.

It is so important that we women cease waiting to be rescued (and completed) and commit to rescuing ourselves. Yesterday, on the Monique Show, Terry McMillan, author of "Getting to Happy" said "...if you are always responding to stimuli, you are always at somebody else's mercy. You must take responsibility for your own well being, your own happiness and your own joy."

When I got married and became pregnant with my first child, I decided I would do my best, from that point forward, to really LIVE and be in-joy, regardless of what else is going on around me. In my thirties, I began healing a very deep case of clinical depression. Upon working with several healers, it was discovered that I was carrying around about a dozen spirit attachments. As an empath, I had collected, gathered and been attacked by disembodied spirits, thought forms, projected anger and had many of my own soul fragments missing due to trauma in my early childhood. During the healing process, my soul parts were returned to me, I became whole via meditation, Reiki, soul retrieval and shamanic healing. Only as I became whole again, did I notice those random "crazy" thoughts and actions that made me feel so sad, isolated and bad about myself---were never me at all.

Licensed therapist in Los Angeles Dr. Goldberg wrote a great article called "Just Say No to Entities,"
Over a decade ago, I "accidentally found" his book, "Protected by the Light" which gives a great illustration of how depression and other mental illnesses can be caused or exacerbated by entity attachments.

Dr. William Baldwin, author of "Healing Lost Souls,"
also speaks from experience when he shares how Dissociative Identity Disorder (formerly called Multiple Personality Disorder) is a common phenomenon for people with aggressive entities attached to them. His wife and healing partner, Judith Baldwin speaks eloquently on how important it is to maintain a strong ""spiritual immune system" to prevent attachments in the first place. Being mindful of my thoughts, meditating and self-healing regularly have become second nature for me, like washing my hands and taking vitamin c to keep from getting a cold in the Winter. Even the National Institute of Health are beginning to recommend meditation as a supplement to mental wellness care in adjunct to traditional medicine. Today, please take a few minutes to ask yourself to take one of the many online depression mini-tests to see if you might benefit from additional assistance through these tough times.

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