Sunday, January 2, 2011

Meditation for the New Year

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There is a feeling of hope and anticipation in the air.  Beyond the calendar New Year...the theme of 2011 already seems to be strive for authenticity...have where you are.

So many new, creative ideas are being dropped into my spirit right now.  I can feel my energetic space expanding, like a balloon, full of breath and ideas.  The challenge, with this human body and physical plane, is to remain grounded, present and to bring the spiritual into the here and now.

Important work is at hand, and it requires work.  But struggle and lack are beginning to fall away.  The time for allowing is upon us.  So the "work" requires meditation, reflection, visualization, contemplation and setting of right intention.  "Peace, be still." is an anthem that keeps playing in my head.  Allowing and surrendering the Spirit of Oneness to guide my thoughts and actions proves to be calming, healing...though at times quite terrifying.  Challenge yourself this seek to sit quietly in reflection on 2010.  Then allow yourself to dream and visualize a new story for yourself and ask for angelic assistance to allow those blessings to come into fruition.

MiChelle Jeneen, Energy Skills Educator

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