Saturday, January 1, 2011

Numerology for the year 2011 and Beyond

It's always funny to me, when I see in my news feeds, bylines like "Predictions for the year 2011!" the Great and Powerful Oz has spoken!  If you Google "2011 predictions," you'll find astrological predictions, numerological predictions, weather predictions and of course, college football predictions (I live with a houseful of jocks). 

Many believe that we are predisposed to certain inevitable events.  When my kids were small, this book about the numerical significance of our date of birth jumped off the shelf.  It is a fun reference (and quite accurate) about one's predispositions, gifts, challenges and some of the personality aspects of a person.  For instance, my date of birth says, "As you may be interested in many different and sometimes unusual subjects, it is important not to scatter your energies.  At some point, you may become interested in philosophical or more spiritual subjects, and you may be able to turn these toward helping other people.  It is important to develop your highly intuitive powers and learn to trust your first instincts."  Hmmm, that author's been talking to someone!

In truth, our future is written in pencil.  So the stars, numbers, our astrological sign, our spiritual blueprint and Akashic records all have significance in our lives.  But our hands should always be on the steering wheel of our life.  Our path and journey are decided by our choices in the now.

As we gently glide into this New Year of 2011, a fresh start and opportunities for diligent application of faith and affirmative prayer will abound.  The Universe has cracked open in a way unlike any other time.  It is our chance, now, today, to use the gifts in the present for the Highest Good of ourselves as well as for those around us.  Here is to New Beginnings!

MiChelle Jeneen, Energy Skills Educator

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