Friday, January 7, 2011

New Electric Ford Focus Revealed

First, the Nissan Leaf.  Then, the Chevy Volt.  Now, Ford has unveiled it's first dedicated electric car.  Since its debut in 1998, the Ford Focus has consistently been one of the most-purchased new cars in the world.

The treehugger in me is cautiously excited.  As a Honda, Toyota and Ford owner (all stick shifts), it makes me happy to think that ecology and commerce are finally trying to work to keep their marriage together. 

Apparently, unlike its competitors, Ford debuted it's new electric car at the widely attended Annual Consumer's Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week.  This move alone speaks not only to the commitment and forward thinking of Ford, but also to the new car buyers of this millennium.  As responsible Earth stewards, it's extremely important that we utilize our personal power (including money) in ways that supports the type of world we wish to create, for the Highest Good.

Besides the fact that the car will reportedly get 100 miles to one charge; multimedia technology created specifically by the company like music sync, traveling wi fi, inflatable seat belts, "my key" teenager driver monitoring system, and more...poise the new Ford on the edge of Jetson-age living in this decade. 
Less pollution and one step closer to releasing our dependance on fossil fuels are two great reasons to get excited about new cars like these.

As the "we are the world" metaphysical mom that I am, most of all, it makes me happy that my children and their children might actually have a chance to live on a beautifully inhabitable planet in the future.  In meditation, it's so helpful to visualize the kind of world we wish to leave behind.  The vision is beginning to solidify for sure.  Thumbs up Ford Motor Company!

MiChelle Jeneen, Energy Skills Educator

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