Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Last 90 Days of 2013

Last Thursday, several girlfriends and I were remarking that 2013 has been a doozy of year.  In addition, we can feel that 2014 will be a WOW year. 

We are in the last 3 months of a culmination of craziness...even the US government has shut down and gone into its chrysalis of quiet...awaiting transformation!

In honor of the miracle of the unknown, my girls and I had our own burning bowl ceremony.  In part, we acknowledged it's time to release those limiting thoughts...those blocks that encourage us to hold back when the Universe is propelling us to take a leap of faith.  We prayed for courage, peace and Divine permission to receive the blessings God wants to bestow upon us (and those around us)...without reservation or feelings of unworthiness.

So the challenge is...what will you do with these last 90 days of this year....and potentially...the last days of a decaying era?  The daily rut of going back and forth to work, paying bills, shuttling kids to practice, cleaning the house....what meaning can we find in the mundane so as to embrace the miraculous? The stillness of prayer and meditation will help...please let me know how you're doing, ok?

God bless,


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