Friday, January 24, 2014

Spiritual Resuscitation

Melanie Weidner
So hard to believe how time flies...especially when we submerge into the cocoon of our own life.

My last post was as I went into hibernation in Fall 2011!?  Where the heck did all that time go?!

Now to be fair to myself, in that time, I completed the first big hurdle of nursing school (LVN with RN soon to follow), raised two teenage boys and did a lot...A LOT...of self-examination and introspection.  As a matter of fact, for the majority of 2013, I actually lost my faith, and to my natural human mind, all connection to God and the Divine part of myself.  As I re-emerge now, January 2014, I'm stunned to see that so many calendar months have passed.

I feel the Universe infusing new, fresh breath into my spiritual lungs...feeding me like a dear soul waiting in some multi-dimensional ICU...waiting to LIVE and move forward.  In truth, I feel tentative, and tender, and vulnerable in many ways.  I am remembering who I was, re-learning who I am and working towards whom I wish to be...all over again at 45 years old.  My marriage is changing, my children are becoming men...pulling away to begin their own adult life, my parents and in-laws are aging rapidly, my career is in a strange growth phase, and my friendships are too... 

Revisiting prayer, meditation, energy healing, writing and all the good stuff that supports me. 

Very grateful that I was given space to break up with God but He that always takes me back.  Looking forward to what this crazy life has for me, and more importantly, what I have left of value to give to it and the World at large.  Cheers to being resuscitated!  -MiChelle

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